Massage and Bodywork


Deep Tissue Massage (Therapeutic)

This is an intense treatment. It employs specific techniques to access the deeper layers of muscles that are the source of your stress. Our therapists release chronic muscle tension using maximum pressure to get to the depth of your kinks.

30 Min / $40 and up
60 Min / $85 and up
90 Min / $115 and up

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Using traditional movements, your therapist combines kneading and long muscle strokes based on what your body needs most. For those seeking a more intensive treatment, please consider our Deep Tissue Massage.

30 Min/$40
60 Min/$85 and Up
90 Min/$95 and Up

Duo Relaxation Massage

A massage for two: partners, mothers / daughters, or friends. Each guest may request either a Relaxation Massage or a Therapeutic.

Swedish Relaxation 60 Min / $150
Deep Tissue 60 Min / $170

Massage & Bodywork - Salem, NH

Massage - Salem, NH Spa

Ear Candling

Helps to release earwax toxins and pressure from the ear canal through the gentle, warm vacuum of a burning candle- and alternative choice to chemical solutions. Relieves ear congestion and sinus congestion.

$50 per session

Salt Scrub

A refreshing way to exfoliate and moisturize skin using a combination of sea salt and massage oil, followed by a massage then ended with a salt scrub.

Massage Therapy Salem, NH Spa

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